Turn your Laravel Application into a full AJAX Application.

Save yourself time.
No need to modify any backend code. ProAJAX takes care of everything for you.
It works with your existing Laravel Application.

Click the button below to do a quick ajax request.

Test AJAX Do Something After

Here are some sample forms.

Auto-Inline Validation

The errors are shown, error fields are highlighted and all the other small things are automatically taken care of.

Inline + Alert Error Messages

The alert element is at the top of the page. This is an example of using one alert element to handle all alerts!

Automatically turn your existing forms into beautiful responsive forms.

Do something like this in an instant using AJAX

Username Email Action
john123 Delete User
jacob Delete User
jim Delete User
demo Delete User
james123 Delete User
shsh22_3 Delete User


One click AJAX
No Setup Necessary
Works with your existing PHP/Laravel Application
No need to change any backend code to return response as JSON. It handles that automatically
No need to set up any AJAX request by yourself. Let ProAjax take care of everything for you
Simply add pro-ajax class to any of your form, buttons or links and let ProAjax take care of the rest
Configure what happens before and after ajax request without actually going into the ajax code
100% customizable. Customize the alert element, alert message and everything.
Works with validation.
Works with redirection request. Redirect your users after submitting a form using AJAX.